About the Coalition

The Early Years Coalition is a community that consists of educators, both in early childhood and older, healthcare professionals, local organizations, and parents. Through research and collaborations, the coalition is able to develop plans to spark the healthy development of children, and truly show the early years matter most.

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Who We Are

The coalition brings community together to collaborate on multiple projects such as: sharing the community level results from the Early Development Instrument (EDI), researching community resources available to the Early Years Coalition, gathering the required resources for the coalition (personnel, materials, space). Another major role the community plays is the creation and implementation of new policies services, increasing the quality, accessibility and responsiveness of community services, while reducing the duplications of existing services.

“Making Lloydminster and area the greatest place to raise a child.”

Vision & Mission


Our young children will have a safe and healthy community in which they will have equal opportunities to be connected, cared for, and provided the necessary supports to help them develop to their full potential.


To create a strong, supportive community environment where young children will thrive and succeed.

All children need to feel safe, cared for and loved, connected to family, friends and community, be able to play and contribute, be provided equal access to resources and supports, and be encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Become a Member

Meetings are held monthly and are open to all interested persons – parents, business owners, organizations, educators – anyone interested in contributing to making Lloydminster & area the greatest place to raise a child.

Membership options include active participation in all meetings and activities; or could be focused on helping with a specific initiative or event; or even being on the distribution list to stay informed about upcoming events or opportunities.

Call 306-825-5911 and ask to speak with Sherri if you are interested in learning more.