You cannot spoil a baby!

Respond to your baby’s needs in a consistent, predictable and nurturing way.

  • When your baby cries, pick them up.
  • Read their cues.
  • Snuggle, soothe and cuddle.

Babies learn language from the day they are born.

The more you communicate with your child, the more their language develops.

  • The interactions you have with your baby helps them learn.
  • Talk, play, sing and read together.
  • Make everyday moments language rich.

Kids have stress too!

Helping children deal with stress builds coping skills they will need for life.

  • Teach ways to relax.
  • Provide lots of unstructured time for play.
  • Help your child know about their own feelings.
  • Sleep 10 to 12 hours each night.
  • Minimize TV and electronics.

Playing is how children learn.

The best predictor of school success is social and emotional development!

  • Learning how to get along with others.
  • Learning how to take turns.
  • Learning about their feelings and the feelings of others.

Love builds brains!

You are your child’s best toy.

  • Follow your child’s lead when playing together.
  • Build a strong relationship.
  • Interact with your child.